About ACU

ACU is a political-cultural center in the Voorstraat, directly in the center of Utrecht. ACU is non-commercial, independent from the municipality’s agenda, and fully run by volunteers. ACU has found its niche as is for more than 40 years integral part of Utrecht’s cultural and political scene.

ACU is host to a wide range of activities: café, vegan restaurant, concerts, disco nights, political events, jam sessions, benefit events, parties, movies, library, and meeting place for political and cultural initiatives. We also have an exhibition room, and many more things to discover…

A little history

The stage has always been one of the most important pillars of the ACU, and also has an important place in its current form. After renovating according to the applicable insulation standards, we can basically produce noise continuously. In practice, this amounts to 2 concert nights per week, on variable days, but usually on Wednesday and Friday.

The range of music is in principle unlimited. The squatted ACU had its roots mainly in punk / hardcore on the one hand, and folk / traditional mixed forms on the other. These music styles are therefore still well represented in the current ACU.

Of course there is also room for a lot more: rap / hip hop, reggae / dub, funk, alt.rock, metal, sing / songwriters, industrial, and even techno, Kurdish music, Balkan / Klezmer, Belarusian percussionists… almost anything is possible. Since the ACU finances itself without and doesn’t take grants, our budgets are not very large.

What is remarkable about this is that we receive many interesting and sometimes unique foreign offers for an amount that is often many times lower than what is sometimes requested in the Netherlands. However, do not think that bands are poorly received by us. There is always plenty of drinks and good (vegetarian) food. We also usually pay more than just an expense allowance.

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