For the safety of our guests and volunteers, and due to the current measures taken by the National Institute for Public Health, ACU will remain closed until further notice.

Please keep an eye on our website for the most current information and to see which events are affected by this situation.

If you ordered some of our merch through SALTVEN, you can pick up your order at ACU on Fridays between 16:00 and 19:00.

Food in ACU

ACU is not only the place to dance or have a beer, we’re so much more than that!

Also for the hungry, we offer different kinds of delicious events to satisfy your stomach while keeping your wallet happy.

Take our weekly “eetcafé” for example, its 100% vegan home made food by our very own volunteers. You can get a three course meal for just € 8 !

Or our anti-food waste dinners on Saturday and Sunday, for just a small donation you can enjoy a nice meal while saving the world one bite at a time.

Vegan eetcafé

Every thursday ACU hosts the “Vegan eetcafé”. Freshly made meals by our own amazing chefs!

The menu is a surprise every time, but you can be sure every course will taste like a little piece of heaven.

But a three course meal is probably very expensive? Au contraire mon frère! It’s up to you how many courses you want, but the basic three course dinner will only cost you € 8 !

Please make sure to call in a reservation if you don’t want to be dining with Duke Humphrey. 😉

See our next event

Taste Before You Waste

On Saturdays, the eager crew from “TBYW” takes over the kitchen. Why? Because it’s such a shame, so much good food gets tossed in the bin, unbelievable!

These lovely people save the food that’s still good from the bin, and make a nice dinner for you to enjoy in our café.

And they do this with so much love, they don’t actually charge you for it, they only ask for a generous donation.

When are you gonna try it out for yourself?

Read more about TBYW on their website...

The Barricade’s vegan VoKu

Rebelling against this lame ass capitalist system all day long is hard, and it takes a lot of energy.

So replenish yourself before heading back to the barricades! Come to the Barricade’s vegan VoKu on Sundays.

With the same mindset as their colleagues from TBYW, the Barricade rescues food and gives it to the hungry masses.

Join the rebellion, and grab a bite!

Read more about The Barricade’s kitchen projects on their website...

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