Barackca (Political punk from Hungary)

Barackca was founded in 1993 in Budapest. In their early years they wrote satirical as well as political songs, later took over the politically charged songs. They released 8 albums (nemArt records). They gave over 750 gigs in 24 European and 4 Asian countries. Recently, a second guitarist joined the other three members, who have been playing together for over 20 years. In their songs, they often criticize capitalism, point to social problems and clearly position themselves against racism, nationalism and any other repressive kind of authority.

Leberzerroze (Deutsche-punk from Wiener Neustadt)

Leberzerroze is a 6-year-old punk band with political lyrics. This will be their first tour ever, but they released their first album in 2018: Im Schatten der Schnecke. With Power Chords to a better world: Let the merry mix of circular saw, Nina Hagen and swanky Solis on an evening of relaxed serenity on him!


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