Aanvang: 20:30 • Deur: 20:00

​A Moon that never sets. She draws shadows on the Black Earth and sounds like autumn nights. We invite you to join us for this walk in the twilight. Three nights and three locations. We will be safe in the dark. Just come and listen!

Friday at ACU

Mantra Machine (space rock/stoner NL)

Sūrya (sludge/post-metal UK)

Shunyata (post-metal/stoner NL)

Saturday at Cultureel Centrum Moira 

OvO (minimal extreme metal IT) 

Microloop (analogic soundscape NL) 

Black Decades (blackned crust NL) 

+ one TBA 

Sunday at dB's 

Jucifer (doom/sludge/black USA) 

Telepathy (progressive sludge UK) 

Faal (blackned doom/post rock NL) 

A-Sun Amissa (darkjazz/ambient/drone UK)

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/296314604175967

Open: 20.00 * Aanvang: 20.30 * Entree: ?