Door: 20:30 • Start: 21:00 • Door fee: Free

Yes, be warned indeed!

No we’re not talking about Corona, AIDS or the flu…

It’s a thing that is only known to human kind.


The symptoms of greed are often visible with wealthy people and private or public organizations, and are often associated with the “free market”. The symptoms of greed include, but are not limited to: exploitation of other people, animals and the environment, shortages of facilities for people such as housing, healthcare and education, destruction of nature and habitats, depletion of natural resources and reserves, the increase of prices for food, medicines, utilities, transport and study costs, the structural undermining of vulnerable populations and animal species, failing (IT) projects of government agencies, “lost” administration or records, decision-making for the benefit of shareholders, privatization of former government or public organizations, dubious work structures and circumstances, lies, corruption, threats, tax evasion and death.

This Open Stage is to show all the problems greed brings with them, the damage it has inflicted in one way or another. Wether it’s a personal experience, or the effects on a larger scale. You are welcome to tell us about how greed has affected your life and the world around you.


This is the most open minded stage in town! All people and art-forms are welcome, be it poetry, spoken word, song, music, dance, stand up comedy, painting, belly dancing… you name it!

Bring something to show to our super chill audience, whether you’ve trained for many years or just started practicing, we’re always very interested.

Sign-up starts at 20:30 with blonde guy in the high visibility jacket.
He’ll be wandering around the bar with a sign-up list.

Show starts at 21:00

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