The Int’l Open Stage: Fire

Door: 20:30 • Start: 21:00 • Door fee: Free

The sunrays soar
Across the void
The trees become
The stories told
The spark it scares
Life into us
From far the flame gives life
Yet near it turns to dust
The Phoenix flight
The dragons breath
Seed of light
Light of death

Storied logbook
When it is split
Allows love and fire
To flow through it

The tree has stored
The sun’s warm light
For the winter
And the night
Where we bring the spark
And set alight
The inner flame
To shine it bright

Come join us to celebrate the fire, that helped us through the winter cold. We will feed your inner flame, and let the sunshine in. Allow the inferno to cleanse your thoughts, and share with us your warmth in whatever way you wish.

This is the most open minded stage in town! All people and art-forms are welcome, be it poetry, spoken word, song, music, dance, stand up comedy, painting, belly dancing… you name it!

Bring something to show to our super chill audience, whether you’ve trained for many years or just started practicing, we’re always very interested.

Sign-up starts at 20:30 with the Raccoon 🎺
He’ll be wandering around with a trumpet and sign-up book.

Show starts at 21:00

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